Encouraging Partnerships Among Grantees

    Partnership is at the core of whole family work. Aligning and knitting together a range of supports, programs, and services that place family at the center is one of the most important ways that programs can change how families experience and are supported by programs. 

    This section offers tools and case studies from a range of sources along with various approaches to whole family partnerships. 

    BUILD Collaboration from the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham


    Jeanne Jackson, President of the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, shares the lessons and her reflections from their two-generation pilot, Prescription for Success.

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    Additional Resources

    Meeting Families Where They Are – The Prosperity Agenda

    Developed with the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Family-Centered Coaching is a set of strategies, tools, and resources that help human service organizations reinvent how they engage with, and help, families that are experiencing poverty. Rooted in an understanding of the institutional forces that prevent families from moving forward, Family-Centered Coaching equips staff with the mindset, tools, and skills to work with families holistically towards financial wellness.

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